About me

Hi. I am Philippe Lhoste, a French developer loving to discover new (computer) technologies… and to deepen my knowledge of those I use!
I am usually know on Internet under the pseudo PhiLho, obviously constructed from my name*. Initially used as signature for my drawings, then used everywhere.
I started to use PhiLhoSoft as pseudo for my technical work about software.
And, yes, I love puns!

  • My Skype signature, written when I was doing lot of Java code: String pseudo = realName.replaceAll("\\b(\\w{3})\\w+?\\b", "$1").toLowerCase();

About the site

I have done some technical slides.
And, of course, the articles you can see here.
The articles has been written in Markdown format, often typed on my phone (using a good keyboard), and published using Hexo, a static site generator.

There is a playground page, to experiment with Markdown and styles. Apparently, with Hexo, at least with the Icarus theme, pages cannot be accessed unless something links explicitly to them…

You can take a look at my curriculum vitæ (resume / résumé), in French or in English. They are in MS Word format because it can be read nearly everywhere and it allows a decent formatting.

My presence on Internet

Yes, no Facebook here…

My old site is still up. I made this one because:

  • the previous one was old and ugly…
  • and quite outdated, except for some articles like my regular expression tutorial which I plan to port back here;
  • and I am locked out by this free provider: (that was nice with me for years) I no longer have FTP access!

Some blog posts are still interesting (IMHO), so I just link to them… :-) Might also copy them here.

I was part of the Processing community for a long time, even being moderator and administrator of the forums.
I wrote some tutorials on commonly asked questions in these forums.

Oh, and I contributed to a book (in French): Le guide de Lua et ses applications