RxJS distributions

RxJS distributions


RxJS has several distributions:

  • The Core distribution, with two sub-modules, is a minimal implementation;
  • The Main distribution is broken down between a main module and several sub-modules;
  • The Lite distribution is similar to the Main one, but with different assignments: it includes a big part of the binding library, and part of the async one, so it is more usable without including other modules;
  • The All distribution includes nearly everything, as the name implies.

As this is a bit confusing, I made a table out of the official doc, including all mistakes found in this manually generated doc, some of which I point out here, to help tracking them down.

The distributions

Numbers are size in KB of .min.js as of 4.0.6 around October 2015. To be used only as comparison between versions.
The file names with + are not in the documentation, I found them after installing RxJS. I guess they come from v.4, and that the doc is still about v.3.

File name Id Size (KiB)
Complete library
rx.all.js A 139
Lite libraries
rx.lite.js L 81
rx.lite.aggregates.js LAg 17
rx.lite.async.js LAs 4
rx.lite.backpressure.js + 4
rx.lite.coincidence.js LCo 7
rx.lite.experimental.js LXp 8
rx.lite.extras.js LEx 10
rx.lite.joinpatterns.js LJp 5
rx.lite.testing.js LTe 7
rx.lite.time.js LTi 9
rx.lite.virtualtime.js LVt 4
Main library
rx.js R 72
rx.aggregates.js RAg 16
rx.async.js RAs (needs RBi) 7
rx.backpressure.js + 8
rx.binding.js RBi 7
rx.coincidence.js RCo 7
rx.experimental.js RXp 8
rx.joinpatterns.js RJp 5
rx.sorting.js + 3
rx.testing.js RTe (needs RVt) 7
rx.time.js RTi 16
rx.virtualtime.js RVt 4
Core library
rx.core.js C 15
rx.core.binding.js CBi 10
rx.core.testing.js CTe 14

Included Observable Operators

Observable Methods

Method name In All Library id for Lite Library id for Main Library id for Core
amb A LEx R
case A LXp RXp
catch A L R
concat A L R
create A L R C
defer A L R
empty A L R
for A LXp RXp
forkJoin A LXp RXp
from A L R
fromArray A L R
fromCallback A L RAs
fromEvent A L RAs
fromEventPattern A L RAs
fromNodeCallback A L RAs
fromPromise A L RAs (4)
generate A LEx R
generateWithAbsoluteTime A LTi RTi
generateWithRelativeTime A LTi RTi
if A LXp RXp
interval A L RTi
just A L R
merge A L R
mergeDelayError A L R
never A L R
of A L R
ofArrayChanges A
ofWithScheduler A L R
onErrorResumeNext A LEx R
pairs A L R
range A L R
repeat A L R
return A L R
spawn A LAs RAs
start A LAs RAs
startAsync A LAs RAs
throw A L R
timer A L RTi
toAsync A LAs RAs
toPromise RAs
using A LEx
when A LJp RJp
while A LXp RXp
wrap A RAs
zip A L R

Observable Instance Methods (prototype)

(! marks functions also on object)

Method name In All Library id for Lite Library id for Main Library id for Core
aggregate A LAg RAg
all A LAg RAg
amb ! A LEx R
and A LJp RJp
any A LAg RAg
asObservable A L R
average A LAg RAg
buffer A LCo RCo
bufferWithCount A LEx R
bufferWithTime A LTi RTi
bufferWithTimeOrCount A LTi RTi
catch ! A L R
combineLatest A L R
concat ! A L R
concatAll A R
concatMap A L R
connect A L RBi CBi
controlled A
count A LAg RAg
debounce A L RTi
defaultIfEmpty A L R
delay A L RTi
delaySubscription A LTi RTi
dematerialize A L
distinct A LEx R
distinctUntilChanged A L R
do A L R
doOnNext A L R
doOnError A L R
doOnCompleted A L R
doWhile A LXp RXp
elementAt A LAg RAg
every A LAg RAg
expand A LXp RXp
extend A LXp RXp
filter A L R
finally / ensure A L R
find A LAg RAg
findIndex A LAg RAg
first A LAg RAg
flatMap A L R
flatMapFirst A LXp RXp
flatMapLatest A L R
flatMapObserver A R
flatMapWithMaxConcurrent A LXp RXp
forkJoin ! A LXp RXp
groupBy A LCo RCo
groupByUntil A LCo RCo
groupJoin A LCo RCo
ignoreElements A L R
includes A LAg (5) RAg (3)
indexOf LAg RAg
isEmpty A LAg RAg
join A LCo RCo
last A LAg RAg
lastIndexOf A LAg RAg
let A LXp RXp
manySelect A LXp RXp
map A L R
max A LAg RAg
maxBy A LAg RAg
merge ! A L R
mergeAll A L R
min A LAg RAg
minBy A LAg RAg
multicast A L
observeOn A LEx R
onErrorResumeNext A LEx R
pairwise A LCo RCo
partition A LCo RCo
pausable A (L)
pausableBuffered A
pluck A
publish A L RBi CBi
publishLast A L RBi CBi
publishValue A L RBi CBi
refCount A L RBi CBi
reduce A LAg RAg
repeat A L R
replay A L RBi CBi
retry A L R
retryWhen A L R
sample A L & LTi RTi
scan A L R
select A L R
selectConcat A L R
selectMany A L R
selectManyObserver A
sequenceEqual A LAg RAg
selectSwitch L R
selectSwitchFirst LXp RXp
selectWithMaxConcurrent LXp RXp
share A (1) RBi CBi
shareLast RBi CBi
shareReplay A (1) RBi CBi
shareValue A (1) RBi CBi
single A LAg R & RAg
singleInstance A L RBi CBi
skip A L R
skipLast A L R
skipLastWithTime A LTi RTi
skipUntil A L R
skipUntilWithTime A
skipWhile A L R
slice A LAg RAg
some A LAg RAg
startWith A L R
subscribe / forEach A L R
subscribeOn A LEx R (2)
subscribeOnNext L R
subscribeOnError L R
subscribeOnCompleted L R
sum A LAg RAg
switch / switchLatest A L R
switchFirst A
take A L R
takeLast A L R
takeLastBuffer A LEx
takeLastBufferWithTime A LTi RTi
takeLastWithTime A LTi RTi
takeUntil A L R
takeUntilWithTime A
takeWhile A L R
tap A L
tapOnNext A L
tapOnError A L
tapOnCompleted A L
thenDo LJp RJp
throttle A L RTi
timeInterval A LTi RTi
timeout A L & LTi RTi
timeoutWithSelector LTi
timestamp A L & LTi RTi
toArray A L R
toMap LAg RAg
toPromise ? L
toSet LAg RAg
transduce L R
where A L R
window A LCo RCo
windowWithCount A LEx R
windowWithTime A LTi RTi
windowWithTimeOrCount A LTi RTi
withLatestFrom A L R
zip ! A L R
zipIterable A L R

Included Classes

Core Objects

Class name In All Library id for Lite Library id for Main Library id for Core
Rx.Observer A L R C
Rx.Observable R C
Rx.Notification A L R CTe


Class name In All Library id for Lite Library id for Main Library id for Core
Rx.AsyncSubject A L R CBi
Rx.BehaviorSubject L RBi CBi
Rx.ReplaySubject L RBi CBi
Rx.Subject A L R CBi


Class name In All Library id for Lite Library id for Main Library id for Core
Rx.Scheduler A L R C
Rx.TestScheduler LTe RTe CTe
Rx.VirtualTimeScheduler LVt RVt CTe
Rx.HistoricalScheduler LVt RVt


Class name In All Library id for Lite Library id for Main Library id for Core
Rx.CompositeDisposable A L R C
Rx.Disposable A L R C
Rx.RefCountDisposable A L R
Rx.SerialDisposable A L R C
Rx.SingleAssignmentDisposable A L R C

Testing classes

Class name In All Library id for Lite Library id for Main Library id for Core
Rx.ReactiveTest LTe RTe CTe
Rx.Recorded LTe RTe CTe
Rx.Subscription LTe RTe CTe
Rx.TestScheduler (see Schedulers above)

(XYz): not in the lists, but found in the description of the operator.
(1): Out of order in the list at https://github.com/Reactive-Extensions/RxJS/blob/master/doc/libraries/main/rx.complete.md
Also some methods / classes are not in All?
(2): Out of order in the list at https://github.com/Reactive-Extensions/RxJS/blob/master/doc/libraries/main/rx.md
(3): Out of order in the list at https://github.com/Reactive-Extensions/RxJS/blob/master/doc/libraries/main/rx.aggregates.md
(4): Not in https://github.com/Reactive-Extensions/RxJS/blob/master/doc/libraries/main/rx.async.md
(5): Out of order in the list at https://github.com/Reactive-Extensions/RxJS/blob/master/doc/libraries/lite/rx.lite.aggregates.md